Do PhD in Canada with Scholarship, with Rs.54 Lakhs

Thousands of students migrate to different countries of the world every year for the purpose of higher education. In this case, Canada is at the top of many people’s choice for higher education abroad. Government of Canada offers international students the opportunity to study in PhD program. This scholarship will be awarded to selected students under the “Venier Canada Graduate Scholarship”. Students from Bangladesh and other countries can apply. Application deadline is 1 November 2023.

Bangladeshi students are increasingly interested in higher education in Canada considering the quality of education, scholarships, annual tuition fees, housing facilities, student income and permanent residence opportunities after their education. Also, currently the Canadian government has facilitated the visa for Bangladeshi students in the field of higher education.

This scholarship is provided by the Government of Canada to enable financially poor students to study in Canada. A total of 166 scholarships are awarded each year. The term of which is three years.

* Students from any country can apply.
* Each student will be paid 50 thousand dollars (about 54 lakhs in Bangladeshi taka) per year.

Areas of Research:
* Health Research.
* Natural Sciences and Engineering Research.
* Social Science and Humanities Research.

* Must first be admitted to a Canadian university’s PhD program.
* Must fulfill the criteria of the concerned university.
*Venier Canada Graduate Scholarships have a quota to be nominated by an institution in Canada.
* Must have research ability (journal, publication).
* Must show English language proficiency test scores.
* Must have communication and leadership skills.
* Applicants must not be in receipt of any other award, scholarship or funding for the PhD programme.

Application Process:
Online application can be done.

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